Baking Courses Can Become Your Doorway to a Fulfilling and Rewarding Career in Culinary Arts, Did You Know That?

Posted by Candice Allen on September 23, 2015

A Short Guide to the Best Baking and Pastry Colleges

Culinary arts in general and the baking and pastry specialization in particular is the field for specifically talented people. Not any person can become a successful chef at a prestigious restaurant, hotel or a resort, to say nothing about a cruise boat, even if this person is very motivated and determined, read The first requirement of paramount importance is the passion for cooking. You should ask yourself an honest question regarding this condition and if the answer is definitely positive then you should consider taking up a professional specialization of a chef. In this case your job will never seem so much like work to you, you will kill two birds with one stone - the job will give you thrilling self-fulfillment for your passion and a rewarding paycheck to make nice living.

The second crucial condition of becoming a success in a baking and pastry specialization is getting the right training at right baking and pastry courses. The good quality baking and pastry colleges are widely available all over the nation, they are sure to provide you with the correct knowledge and skills, setting free your creative potential and giving you the right state-of-the-art know-how to make you qualify for work at any top notch restaurant around the country.

It should be realized that a baking and pastry chef has a special standing and position at any reputable restaurant. A common short-order cook is not so much of a prestigious position, any restaurant or hotel always employed several of them. But with a specialized baking and pastry training, which you can obtain through the course at a baking and pastry school, will make you qualify for a number of prestigious positions in the food service industry and culinary arts, and your paycheck will be guaranteed to exceed the level of the average far beyond. But, again, the better half of your career success depends on getting to one of good accredited baking and pastry colleges.

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A person seriously considering taking up a career in culinary arts, especially a baking and pastry specialization, should be very careful when choosing one of the colleges to apply to. Besides the formal knowledge and skills that any bakery course is able to provide for any trainee the good bakery school should create conditions for unleashing the creative potential of a student. A really professional chef should consider himself a kind of an artist, may be even an alchemist, which mixes and blends ordinary ingredients to create a chef-d'oeuvre, a masterpiece! The attitude of serious chefs towards their specialization and careers is extremely serious, since they think it is their calling in life. The good quality baking and pastry colleges should be able to provide a trainee with most rigorous and challenging apprenticeship conditions. By interaction with more experience colleagues a would-be bakery and pastry chef will have possibility to share their experience and get the right attitude towards the culinary arts specialization. The most of reputable chefs very often work nights and weekend, sometimes about 50 hours a week and you career, if you want it to be a success, will not be different. You have to be prepared to work really hard in order to succeed.

The natural question here would be about how to select the right one among many baking and pastry colleges. The most important thing is to do careful research and establish the suitability of the contents of the teaching programs offered by the baking course under consideration. What amenities are provided? What kind of instructors and cuisine service functions can be offered to the would-be trainees? Does the school provide any job placement aids? What are the conditions for apprenticeships and other hands-on experience sessions? Any baking course worthy of serious consideration should provide its students with certifications and diplomas which are well-esteemed and accepted in the culinary arts industry all over the world. In modern times with well-developed Internet communications it is not a difficult task to confirm the rating and accreditation status of any culinary arts school, which should be done in the first place to insure for you more beneficial career prospect. Through the information US bureaus such as U.S News, World Report or Princeton Review any student nowadays is in position to make the extensive research into the culinary arts school rating. For your convenience we have conducted such research and came up with the top ten best culinary arts schools of the nation, which you can found below:
- The French Culinary Institute of New York City,
- The Culinary Institute of America,
- Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute,
- New England Culinary Institute,
- Johnson & Wales University,
- L'Academie de Cuisine, California Culinary Academy,
- George Brown Chef School,
- Tante Marie's Cooking School and, the last, but not the least, Kendall College.

Any of the above mentioned culinary arts schools will be ideal for any enthusiast wishing to become an exceptional baking and pastry chef. In order to start a really successful career you should be careful to choose solely from the top rank baking and pastry colleges, otherwise your time and financial resources would risk going down the drain. The good professional standing of a baking program is a guarantee of your diploma acceptance and validation on the part of any promising employer. Upon being accepted as a fully-fledged student of a baking course remember the principle of comprehensiveness and balance. Try to concentrate not only on baking and pastry coursework, but select something suitable among additional specializations, for instance a food writer, a gourmet or a restaurant owner. Additional skills would be an additional competitive advantage for you, helping win the best employment position possible. Ideally a good culinary school provides the students with all the training and learning necessities to excel in this field. If your choice of a culinary art school was wisely balanced it will depend solely on your determination to be a success in baking and pastry field of culinary arts industry. Good luck!