Become a True Connoisseur of Antique Glass Door Knobs!

Posted by Candice Allen on April 05, 2015

Most of people feel nostalgia when they hear about door knobs and it's no surprise. The most beautiful designs are represented by their antique models. However, today, door knobs are still being manufactured and are available in a great variety of sizes and shapes which should be selected depending on the design of definite doors. Door knobs produced from chrome and polished brass are rather popular nowadays but most of them are not as elegant as antique glass door knobs. One may need quite much time to fully enjoy the attractiveness of these masterpieces.

Antique glass door knobs are known for their clean designs on crystal or glass the beauty of which can be hardly overestimated. Exclusive patterns and every tiniest detail seem to have the shape of a dream. Antique glass knobs can be used for diverse types of doors perfectly adding to the decor not only of the door but of the whole room.

Antique glass door knobs are gaining their popularity due to the classic and sophisticated look. Numerous homeowners decide to customize their doors with these excellent accessories. True antique glass knobs are not that easy to get; for this reason people who want to decorate their doors with these wonderful knobs are ready to pay great money for them. Antique glass door knobs have a really grand creating a marvelous effect in the dark with additional lighting of the door.

Even though there are numerous glass door knob manufacturers offering a few replicas of the Victorian glass door knobs, they aren't able to match the detail, precision, and quality of antique knobs. There is no doubt that brass, steel, and chrome knobs have a good look they still lose their color and sheen because of extreme weather conditions. Besides, if these door knobs constantly contact with sweaty hands they start looking drab. Unfortunately, antique glass door knobs are prone to harsh temperature changes.

Glass knobs can perfectly improve the aesthetic features of any door. To get this valuable item for your door you'll have to constantly check availability of antique knobs in special shops (such as glass shops) selling vintage products. Because these pieces of door hardware are in great demand nowadays many people mistake buying their replicas thinking they are it's an antique. It's recommended to read much information about antique glass door knobs or to consult a person who knows much these items. The knobs of this kind can enhance the appearance of your door for many years to come.

Be sure that this option is not out of fashion or outdated. In reality, it will never go out of fashion due to their amazing aesthetics. Their fabulous look will always be appreciated by a wide circle of people around you, so you will never regret buying one.

Antique glass door knobs are some of the most attractive investments you can do into your residence. The greatest advantage of these things is that they are suitable for any type of the door. They can be attached to any piece of furniture that feature knobs, for instance, bedside table's drawer or a chest of drawers. They can be also located on cupboards or a wardrobe closet.

Trying one door knob you won't be able to stop because you will fall in love with them. They won't be outdated ever, so be bold enough to get a few for your furniture. Glass offers a room a royal feeling but don't be in a hurry buying antique glass door knobs in order to get truly genuine products.